The Roastmaster's BrewBar System

The Roastmaster's BrewBar is a specialty coffee brewing system innovated and popularized by the Santa Cruz Coffee Roasting Co. It has been in use in the Roasting Company's stores for about 30 years, and in more recent years has come into more widespread use by the wholesale customers of SCCRC.

The name BrewBar is a registered trademark of Santa Cruz Coffee Roasting Company and use of such is granted or licensed to individuals or businesses on a written contractual basis only.

We at SCCRC simply realized that when we were at home individually hand dripping and pouring our favorite coffees that we invariably got the most delicious results. Why not make this same cup available on a daily basis to our customers? Thus started the evolution the Roastmaster's BrewBar system.

The Roastmaster's BrewBar is an attractive brushed stainless steel device designed and evolved from years of personal experience with attention to splash, cup sizing, drainage, sanitation, hot beverage handling, functionality and appearance.

However the BrewBar is more than just a device, it is an integrated system of; equipment, quality specialty coffees blended specifically for this style brewing, quality control of brewing parameters (filter type and speed, water purity and temp., portion, grind, method), customer service, and spatial planning.

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